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Something else – bits and pieces of my life

I was born in Puszcza Kozienicka. It was a great gift from the One who decides where and when we come into this world. When I was three I talked with squirrels. Since I remember this I consider it to be true. Primary and secondary school in Pionki: a dark period of my life and I prefer not to go back to it or remember. What happened later wasn’t much better but somehow I became a valuable person since I was named the Honorary Citizen by the town of Pionki.
1970s – 4 years working for the Polish Television: enough of full time work for a lifetime.
Running away and travelling around Europe: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, the UK and Holland. I worked at a car wash in Nottingham, a construction company in London, I played music in the streets of England and Holland (I lived at a Hostel for Young Christians in Utrecht and was the only Christian there).
A lot happened during the 80s and 90s. I worked at a Maja Swiezawsko-Roqueplo’s stained glass workshop. My work from that period lets the sun in at the St. Barbara’s church in Ketrzyn.
Seeing the world:
I performed on a cruise ship “Batory”.
I had a farm in the Slask area where I was breeding horses (Wilkowiczki, close to Toszek) on nearly 8 hectares with woods and fields. Happy years of being one with nature… I was the director of the area’s community centre.
School of Culture Management and studies at the Theatre School in Warsaw, major: Theatre Arts.
Nowy Sacz – a house on a hill close to the Roznowski Lake with dozens of kilometres of a panoramic view in every direction. I gave theatre classes to Business School students.
Getting to know the world again - Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, a few months in India: Osho Commune in Puna. Strong experiences, evolution, important discoveries and small illuminations. Since then I have been able to recognise real authority and “masters”.
Iwonicz-Zdroj – “Klimat” Hotel, thermal waters, a touch of nearby Bieszczady and local (Lemki) phantoms.
Return to Warsaw - studies at the Process Psychology Institute, crucial time and experience.
Year 2000 and the following years – songs, poems, stories, articles. Working with different states of consciousness and people in coma. Therapy clients and what they taught me.


Relative balance.


Sometimes we just need to wait for the time to go by…