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Tomasz Szwed is also a psychotherapist. He completed the first stage of a training program with the Polish Institute of Process Oriented Psychology which granted him the title of a practitioner. While continuing further training he works with individuals as well as with groups under a supervision of a qualified process oriented psychology teacher. He was trained in process work of conflict facilitation and work group in Poland and England. He completed internships in hospices, emergency shelters, hospitals and worked with different or extreme conscience states. In his offer we can find individual and group sessions as well as personal development workshops. He’s a consultant for Ewa Blaszczyk Foundation “A kogo?” (devoted to patients in a coma).

Process Psychology Institute
Certificate in Process Work, 2000 - 2003
Master of Arts in Process Work, 2003 - until now
Classes and workshops:
• Conflict facilitation and work group - RS POP Workshop, Great Britain 2003
• Studies on work group and organizations - Process Work Institute „Poza Centrum” 2001 – 2002
• Amy and Arnold Mindell, May 2007
• Kate Jobe and Joe Goodbread, December 2004, May 2008
• Gary Riess, April 2009
• Arlene and Jean-Claude Audergon, October 2004
• Pierre Morin, March 2004
• Training in shiatsu, ching-chi, reflexology, chi-kung, Puna, India 1997

Individual and group work proposed by Tomasz Szwed:


Workshop for people working on stage
According to the method” dreaming body” by Arnold Mindell

Touching the body

You have probably noticed primacy of emotions in your behaviour. You have seen that they are a form of direct experience, a certain form of energy and that they have a physical character. They are expressed by the body before we even know of their existence; they are the energy setting us into motion. As they’re never expressed consciously and because they’re repressed their energy accumulates in our body in a form of tensions, symptoms and traumas. Working with them can help us reaching reactive situations, past traumas and also – this is what’s interesting for us – symbolic, inner figures, some unconscious qualities hiding behind them. Conscious experiencing and integration of the latter helps us to grow, to structure our personality and it creates a fuller and more balanced “me”. We will concentrate on places that are blocked by our emotions to find a method and a way of freeing them.
Touching means creating

Do I have a body or does it have me? Do I treat it like a slave or like a friend? Do I listen to what it wants to tell me or do I impose my will and carry out orders? Do I “whip” it or exercise it?
Let’s try to find answers to these questions by experiencing our body: touching, feeling its tensions, energies, symptoms, getting to know figures hiding behind them. We’ll play with the “psychological gesture” (Mikhail Chekhov), enter in contact with workshop participants, with the energy of our bodies and think about the basic questions:
Am I myself or do I pretend to be someone else? Do I express myself enough?
Do I talk through my body? Am I a Unity?

”A show for one spectator”

It’s the next step after „Touching the body” workshop. If we already know what the body wants to tell us let’s translate its message into a sound, a word; let’s change our body expression into words. Before it happens let’s play with the spoken language, its structure, meanings, emotions that it conveys, peaces of favourite prose, poetry or non-verbal communication. We will experience figures and words and what they tell us on an individual level and in relationships. Like in real life we will be at the same time actors and spectators, observers and the ones being watched. The “show for one spectator” lasts all our life, from dawn, through the night, until the next dawn. We’ll consciously watch this show, fully aware of awoken emotions, we’ll admire (or not) skills of our “fellow actors” but above all we’ll appreciate every minute of the play untitled “My life”.
Fascinating stories of attentiveness
Be attentive to what you see and what you experience. Observe yourself in everyday life, in routine activities, in relationships, as a part of the world but also be attentive to others, really hear and feel what they feel. Later on learn to observe your dreams: are they only a premonition or is it something in your sub-conscious that wants to happen - find your place and your way at the same time.

A Vagabond in Parallel Worlds

In these worlds you’ll find your paintings, poems, songs, short stories and tales. You’ll find here a part of your person who knows how to move around this area, who’ll guide you as it sees and hears clearer and its sensations are stronger. It’s only a matter of believing and letting yourself meet your inner artist. This is what we’ll work on. You just have to touch the New with your finger.